Congratulations on your upcoming wedding or event! We are excited to be of service during this fun time of life! Below are steps to walk you through the envelope addressing process.

Traditionally, wedding invitations are to be mailed 6-8 weeks from the wedding date. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your envelopes to be completed. This timeline can be shorter or longer depending on season. Until deposit and contract is received, availability is still open to other clients. The earlier you book the better!

step 1: Get in touch!

Please fill out the form on the contact page, and let me know a few details:

-Date of event - Date needed in hand - Quantity - Type of envelopes (i.e. metallic, lined, etc.) -  - Lettering style - Ink color - Mailing address - Any special instructions - 

Step 2: Contract & first installment

After receiving all of the details needed, a quote and contract will be sent. In order to confirm a spot on the calendar, the signed contract and the first installment of 50% is to be received. The remaining balance (that includes actual number of envelopes address) is due once envelopes are completed and delivered.

Step 3: getting Envelopes & guest lists

Once the contract and deposit is received, envelopes may be shipped to me. If you are in town, a time can be set up to meet. *When ordering your invitations, please be sure to order 15-20% extra envelopes for ink blots and human error.

Guest lists are to be emailed in an excel or word document. A template can be emailed to insure formatting is correct. See etiquette page for help on building your guest list.*Please see below for more information on submitting guest lists.

step 4: Completion & final invoice

After the envelopes are complete, I will send a final invoice. Final payment is due at delivery or before shipping. *Additions or corrections to guest list after delivery are additional costs and are not included in pricing. 


Word and Excel documents are the preferred formats. Please make sure all information is written exactly how you would like it to appear on the envelope. Below are a few tips to ensure your guest list is easy to read so there is no confusion:

1. Names should be listed as they are to be written (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Blake Sayers instead of Sayers, Mr. and Mrs. Blake Thomas)

2. Abbreviations should be written as you would like it to appear (i.e. Apartment or Apt.)

3. Inner envelope names should be in a separate column or line after the address