Hello! My name is Anna Sayers and I am so happy you are checking out my site! I have been a lover of typography since I was in high school and it has carried me through to my “big girl” job doing calligraphy.

I got started doing calligraphy from my mother who addressed envelopes as she took care of us when we were little. Not to mention my sister also does calligraphy. It’s a family thing! My first job was addressing the envelopes for my wedding in 2014 and I have desired to do this full time ever since.

I graduated from Auburn University in Horticulture, so don’t be surprised when you see plants fall in to different parts of my business, too.

Besides doing calligraphy, I love spending time with my husband, Blake, who is an avid hunter and fisher who has been the biggest part of me pursing this dream of calligraphy. (Thanks babe!) Our dog, Slick is our Chesapeake Bay Retriever that goes with us everywhere. I mean everywhere. Even church, which brings me to my biggest “about me”. I have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and my goal in life is to glorify the Lord in all that I do. I feel like I have been called to calligraphy and this industry to fulfill that goal and I can’t wait to see how that pans out!